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How I Personalize Preschool at Home

I have been trying since my graduation to run my own personalized preschool just for my kids. I love planning, preparing and setting up for preschool. I love doing the activities with and getting that special quality time with my kids. It is so fun to see them learn explore and try new things.
I have tried to plan preschool for a week at a time. I have a theme each week along with a letter and a number that we learn about. We get LOTS of library book about the theme and read them throughout the week. One day a week is our official preschool day. We start with an opening or group time (explained in each complete lesson plan). I try to prepare the materials for each activity before our preschool day so that during that day and throughout the week we can pull out an activity and do it together.
My children LOVE preschool day, and especially look forward to how dramatic play is set up.
For a few years I have also been organizing field trips for a group of friends and their children. It is fun and relatively easy to find places in the community that are fun to explore.
What I love best about preschool is knowing that I have special time with my children. They love the time with Mom, the variety of toys and activities in our house and the discovering and learning. It's been a fun hobby for me!