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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mail Delivery Game

Cut out several mailbox and envelope shapes with corresponding numbers on them. Kids can deliver (match) the mail. Note: To make this last longer attach the mailboxes to a manila folder and laminate them.

This is the game I created for my kids.

I cut out the mailboxes and letters.

Taped the mailboxes on a manila folder, with a real envelop on the outside.

I laminated the folder and the letters, and I cut them out.

Then I cut a slit by the opening of the mailboxes so they
could slide the letters into the correct mailbox.

I also cut open the flap of the envelope on the outside of the folder.

I keep the little letters in the outside envelope until the kids are ready to deliver the mail.

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Amy said...

Fun stuff for mail! I like it all.