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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Visiting a Hat Shop

Visit a hat store or shop. You can look at the different varieties of hats (shape, size, color, style, etc), and talk about or ask about what different uses the hats have.
We really lucked out on our field trip. I found a neat little hat shop, where this man custom makes hats for people. There were lots of styles and shapes he could make. This is an old art that is dieing out, but this man is still practicing. It was so interesting and neat for the adults and the kids. We all learned a lot about hats!

He uses this tool to measure the size and shape of someone's head, so that the hat he makes for them fits them perfectly.

Starting the hat shaping process.

The hat on the right is the base that he starts from and the hat on the left is the finished product.

At the shop. What a fun and interesting trip we had!

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