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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cinnamon Wheels (Rolls)

Make a bread dough or buy a tube of biscuits from the store to use. Let the children help roll them out flat and then into spirals/wheels and top with cinnamon and sugar. Bake and eat. Delicious!

Here is our favorite recipe to use:

Cinnamon Rolls

•2 cups milk
•1 cup butter
•3/4 cup sugar
•4 eggs
•2 Tbs of yeast
•1 tsp salt
•1 Tbs sugar
•2 Tbs vanilla
•1/2 cup warm water
•1 Tbs lemon extract
•Approximately 8 cups flour

Scald Milk. Combine yeast, water, sugar. Add butter, sugar, salt, eggs and milk (after milk has cooled). Add remaining ingredients. Makes a sticky dough, not stiff. Let rise until double, covered. Punch down. Roll out into a long rectangle. Spread with either a cinnamon mixture (brown sugar, softened butter and cinnamon stirred together) and top with raisins and chopped pecans, or spread it with and orange mixture (white sugar, butter and grated orange peel). Roll up into a spiral. Use string to cut into individual rolls. Place on a greased cookie sheet, cover and let rise until double. Bake at 400° for 10-15 minutes.

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