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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Visiting Numbers Around Us

Visit a grocery store, bank, clock shop, etc. Point out the usage of numbers in money, time, etc, and inform the guide that you are learning about numbers so he/she can point them out as well.

We arranged a field trip trough Field Trip Factory (http://www.fieldtripfactory.com/trip-takers/preschool) to our local grocery store. It was super easy to arrange. We had a very imformative and fun trip.

Checking out the meat department

Looking at lobsters

Exploring and learning about the produce

We even got to have a taste of their watermelon

Watching cake decorating in the bakery


Michele said...

This is a wonderful blog post! Did you know you can find Field Trip Factory on Facebook via http://facebook.com/freefieldtrips ?

EmF said...

AWESOME!! Thanks for the info!